My Baby!

Ollahhh!...No, I don't have baby yet. What I mean of my baby is my other blog. hihi

Guys, can I ask some favor? Could you please visit or add my other blog on yours? It's URL is Actually, that blog of mine is older than this one but it was untouch for how many decades or century, I might say since I feel too much depressed when google banned my adsense account for the reason I don't fully understand. It's only last week that I realize it's about time to revitalize.

"Quitters never win."



Rose said...

i thoug you're having a baby..hehehe..that mades me clear now!

roffe said...

Hai..nice baby..hehehehe...

Zona Indonesia said...

Many of blogger have so many blogs, some of them have more than 10 blogs.. and they touch everyday theirs blogs.. oh..!! Peace :)

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