Pacquiao Vs. Margarito

photo courtesy of google
November 13, 2010. The biggest event of 2010 is near to come. All nations will be hooked to their televisions. You will see few jeepneys along the way, no traffic at all plus less crime. Even police are hooked to televisions too. Good thing that they have nothing to worry about cause almost everyone are watching even those kidnappers and so on. But don't get me wrong, this day isn't holiday. Hopefully, no lives will be lost this time  unlike before. Every fight of Pacquiao, one or more of his avid fans lost their lives maybe because of too much excitement knowing that their idol just won another battle. 

Me and my housemates will be watching this fight via satellite since we don't have enough penny to buy tickets:(

Tsunami Hits Indonesia

Tsunami - also known as seismic sea wave or tidal wave mostly caused by submarine earthquake, underwater or coastal landslide or by volcanic eruption.

Have you watch / hear the news about tsunami hitting Indonesia?

After switching the television to watch my favorite news program, (24 oras), it was the breaking news. It was said that 7.7 magnitude of earthquake resulting tsunami hits Indonesia causing 23 people losing their lives and about 160 people are still missing. As of current time, police are still on the rescue and still looking for the missing individuals. Let's all pray that the missing people are safe and are still alive.

To all Indonesian bloggers, we hope that you are safe.

Pink Girly Bag

Alright, this cutie bag was given by my sweet and loving boyfriend during my birthday. I find him so sweet as honey hehe...It might not cost big but I don't really care about the price. In every gift I receive I see to it that I always keep it on the safety cabinet. I assure you that. Those cards that I receive during my 18th b-day was still with me and that brought smile on my face when I read the messages over again. But for this bag, I always wore this everytime I go to school. I am so inspired whenever this bag was with me. Maybe because it came from my another half. 

To my daddy, my bestfriend, my honey... I LOVE YOU always! Thank you for being so understanding and caring with me. You are the best. Thank you for supporting me all throughout.

P.S. I will reveal his image here sooooonnn:) I still need his approval if he wanted his face to be displayed in blogland hahaha ^_^

BSA Team

My classmates

This photo was taken after our workshop. It was full of fun and enjoyment. Workshop is quite similar to team building. Our professor's goal is to unite and bond us since first semester was about to end. The final verdict is about to cast. We don't know who will be eliminated and who will retain in our class. Sad to say, after our class cards are being released, we learned that 6 people from this group will no longer be our classmates on the coming semester. They wasn't able to make it. I must say accounting is really a difficult one and I myself doesn't know until when will I survive here. I strongly hold on to God's plan for me.

As what my former superior always reminds me: Grace, Your dream is to be an accountant, you should do your best to attain it and don't let other people steal your dream.