Pink Girly Bag

Alright, this cutie bag was given by my sweet and loving boyfriend during my birthday. I find him so sweet as honey hehe...It might not cost big but I don't really care about the price. In every gift I receive I see to it that I always keep it on the safety cabinet. I assure you that. Those cards that I receive during my 18th b-day was still with me and that brought smile on my face when I read the messages over again. But for this bag, I always wore this everytime I go to school. I am so inspired whenever this bag was with me. Maybe because it came from my another half. 

To my daddy, my bestfriend, my honey... I LOVE YOU always! Thank you for being so understanding and caring with me. You are the best. Thank you for supporting me all throughout.

P.S. I will reveal his image here sooooonnn:) I still need his approval if he wanted his face to be displayed in blogland hahaha ^_^


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